02 July, 2015

Where is HODOR??? And where was Ghost when Jon Snow needed him?

03 July 2015

R. Linda:

It has taken me somewhat to get over the shock. But here goes.

We had got the popcorn and were getting all settled for a Game of Thrones finale and instead got the shock of our lives. We watched as Jon Snow rushed downstairs and got a funny feeling as he did, and then it happened -- and WOW we were gutted!

Not long ago Game of Thrones had its season finale and those of you who I have a GOT Tweet with blew the water cooler chat off the charts. Like most brain dead I was totally not expecting Jon Snow to bite the . . . snow! But I be in that small percentage of people who have not read the books and understand from one of them, they knew the demise was coming and had been waiting four years for it to happen. Who knew?

Apparently not Tonya, who turned to me while we were watching it and said, "WHAT just happened?" and she grabbed the remote and went madly clicking back.

"It is all a dream Tonya." Dragon said to her and of course she would she's stuck in Dallas.

I was told to watch that scene over and over and over to see Jon's eyes begin to turn from brownish green to purple. I thought I saw something but I cannot be sure it wasn't from suggestion that something happened, or that the white "snow" reflection made the change if there was one. He croaked out "ghost" which at first I thought he meant himself he was seeing as a ghost or maybe he was threatening to come back as one, then it dawned on me he meant the white wolf. So by now I be feeling just a little more brain dead than before.

The wife was going around saying to the air, "What's the point of watching Thrones NOW?" And me Mam, "Who knew?" Indeed.

"They aren't real people for bejayus sake." I said to them. "It isn't the end of the world, the Baratheons are all gone! That's good news. One family down and how many to go?"

"Get rid of the rest of the Starks and the Lannisters are good to go. Forget the Boltons and Targaryens." Dragon said.

"How do you even know all that and the names?" I asked her stunned.

Anyway back to the non water cooler chat that be here off the blog record from me Tweeter account. Me cohorts in chat are Tom W, Weasil, and Robbie along with Maureen from work (the only true water cooler chatterer of the group). I have nothing else to write about so this is it, LOL.

Robbie: "Will Jon be back do ya think?"

Maureen: "His alter ego Kit says no but then why on earth is the Red Woman at the Wall if not to do another resurrection act? It worked the first time she did it, so why not on Jonny boy?"

Meself: "Well, I be over it, if Jon comes back the season after next you can say you heard it here first, and if he doesn't then you can consider me further down the brain dead scale."

Tom W: "It had bothered me that the Red Woman rode to the Wall. What for I was wondering. No one there liked her and well Stannis was too busy to go after her."

This had me flapping me lips when I was watching at home with Tonya telling me to put a lid on it. I be saying right now, in me house I take ownership of the Red Woman returning to bring Jon Snow back! Out on a limb? Certainly but this show brings people back from the dead as either White Walkers or Frankenstein monsters, or dead Baratheons, she did it once, she can do it again.

Tom W: "I wouldn't want to be a Wildling at the Wall with Jon gone."

Weasil: "Hell I wouldn't wanna be Olly either if Jon IS back from da land o' da dead!"

Tom W: "Olly has anger issues, you think?"

Weasil: "Yuppers he needs anger management like yesterday."

Meanwhile, back at the cooler Maureen was all about Daenerys being in horsey jail.

Maureen: "Yup there is Daenerys Targaryen and that worn out and grumpy dragon who has a penchant for Dothraki horse flesh. I be assuming the Dothraki saw that gluttonous dragon eating their horses and now are about to tell Daenerys how upset they are with her and her dragon."

Meself: "But wait she threw off her ring sensing trouble, and that is certainly a talisman for Jorah and Daario to pick up and you know they're coming to the rescue."

Tom W: "BUT think about it - a  ring thrown out in the middle of a wild field would be an easy find? Come on!"

Maureen: "Oh give it a chance it will be sparkling in the sun and they can't help but find it."

Tom W: "O-K."

At home, Tonya hadn't given that a thought, she was all about the Dragon getting hungry again and she should know she's my Daenerys and one of her dragons live with us!

Tonya: "Speaking of dragons, anyone know if the two locked underground are male and female? Maybe more dragons coming?"

Meself: "Where's Hodor? I miss Hodor."

Tom W: "For that matter where is Benjen Stark at? And where is Bran? Will he be coming back as an adult after all this time? By now he's finished puberty right?"

Robbie: "Last we saw of Sansa (who to me is the most wooden actress out there), and Theon, they were jumping 200 feet to rocks below OR it was a huge dirty snow bank."

Maureen: "For sure that would be death by broken body for both, but something tells me that either their capes acted as parachutes and they glided down safely OR they missed the rocks and fell into a hay cart."

Meself: "I dunno. They are like the Rubick Cube how did they manage to land on their feet because you know they do!"

Tom W: "Ah Cersei Lannister, evil queen, me fav. Body double or no, I almost felt sorry for the bitch, UNTIL the Frankenstein Mountain took her up and it was easy to see what SHE WAS THINKING."

Maureen: "YUP watch out sparrows! She looked like a cat after birds."

Tonya: "So much for achieving humility and then deciding NAH! You go girl!"

Tom W: "Oh and can anyone rock a pixie cut like Cersei?"

Weasil: "I wouldn't wanna be Septa Unella when Cersei recovers and goes after there. SHAME!"

Meself: "How do you know all these characters names?"

Weasil: "I read me the bookies. Hee hee."

Robbie: "As to Jaime Lannister who cares anymore, but happy fathers day Jaime any who."

Tom W: "Wow that was bad."

Maureen:  I be glad the end of the world be going well for some people."

Meself: "Arya Stark I always liked especially when she was with the Hound, but then along comes Brienne of Tarth and spoils the fun."

Tom W: "You know she also spoiled me liking Stannis Baratheon's rise to power. Just as he got interesting she pulls out that massive sword and that's that. Or, at least it looked that way but I didn't see a body, did you see a body?"

Robbie: "Nothings impossible with this show. So maybe there is hope for Stannis."

Meself: "Yeah I felt bad for him getting all his men together for that final thrust and then big Brienne shows up with a big sword to add final fatal injury to insult, but then I had a flash of what he did the week before - melting snow with his daughter, and I was all about that sword, I even said outloud "Swing it big girl!""

Tonya: "We needed him to whip Ramsey's ass and that couldn't happen to a better character."

Meself: "I thought I'd have a hard time with Iwan Rheon in that role. I've seen him before and he's so likeable and fun that I have to give him kudos for making Ramsey the character we love to hate, he is the stuff nightmares are made of."

Weasil: "Luv ta hate Olly right now."

Tom W: "I was thrilled to see Myranda meet her demise."

Everyone: "Here here!"

Meself: "I was hoping since Cersei was getting a comeuppance so would Ramsey, but no, he gets to live another season. Oh terrors! But can you see them teaming up?"

Maureen: "No."

Tom W: "Arya, blind girl hum. Something tells me she'll be deadly with a stick. She was great when she could see and had "needle" but now, watch out for the red and white stick!"

Meself: "But seriously can we bring back the Hound? She and he were great together and I don't think I saw his body either after he rolled off the cliff or hill or whatever that presicipice was."

Tonya: "She wears vengeance like a valued cape, you have to hand it to her."

Weasil: "Samwell Tarly not me fav either. Talks a good game but still seems cowardly to me. I hope he and whatshername Gilly is it? (that's how much of an effect she has on me) horse cart them and baby off into the sunset never to be seen again."

Meself: "WHERE'S HODOR?"

Maureen: "I do adore Aiden Gillen as Littlefinger (Petyr Baelish) in his efforts to ascend the Iron Throne, I be almost hoping he does it over Tyrion. Can anyone connive and deceive better than this guy?"

Tom W: "There are two people that can match him if they stick together and thats Tyrion Lannister and Varys back at Meereen. These two together take dialogue to a whole new height."

Robbie: "But neither is any good against the masses waiting outside the palace doors. They need a dragon to get them away. I know where there are two. One for each. Though I think they'd be too pissed off not to eat Tyrion as appetiser and Varys -- full dinner."

Meself: "I miss King Joffrey, BUT WHERE IS HODOR?"

Tonya: "Who needs Joffrey when you have Ramsey?"

Maureen: "I was disappointed Olenna Tyrell couldn't make bird seed of the High Sparrow."

Robbie: "Poor Margaery wasting away in that cell. Even worse what happened to her bro Loras? Characters are missing but that is not unusual with this show I guess."

Tom W: "I hope someone burn down Westeros."

Meself: "Well, with Jon Snow gone I guess that leaves us to cheer on the White Walkers, sigh."


Everyone: "Only you Weas."

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  1. Don't watch thrones but I do watch sci fi and horror. And I never rehash what I watch because nobody I know watches the same bloody things I do. And I mean lots of blood!

  2. You edited the hell out of those tweets, LMAO I thought they were entertaining just the way they were Samwell. LOL

    1. All of you would be embarrassed (except Weasil) if I printed as is.

  3. I was heartbroken in the finale but I do think Jon Snow will be back in some shape or form. Maybe not next season but the one after that? He hasn't cut his hair so who knows.

  4. i don't watch this i watch last tango in halifax