23 October, 2017

It's been a late autumn in New Hampshire - will summer never end?

23 October 2017

R. Linda:

If you can view the video this is what I was looking at for most of September. I was rather taken aback that we were having pine needle showers and no colour change. This be what I see from me office window.

In the lead-up to me annual Halloween story, I thought to entertain you with the autumn photos of this year's New Hampshire tree crop. I would like to say that the leaves did not turn colour until recently, very late actually and I think the early leaf peepers did not get to enjoy the fall season as in years past, last year in particular, being rather spectacular. I am told because of the unusually warm weather and lack of rainfall, the seasonal change is proceeding at a snail's pace. I be fine with that I be, because I rather enjoy the long fall with the summer-like weather letting yours truly enjoy the outdoors later than usual. By September we have colour change but not this year. At this rate, we are told the leaves should still be on the trees into November. I'll lift me mulled cider to that!

So it was a slow start. Here are a few shots of early fall. Late September down the road where the lake dwellers live.

Our little lake community on down the road on September 28 well beyond when colour should have popped
The following week on October 4th, not much change, this be a nearby field
On October 16th things were looking better but still not quite up to the usual autumn beauty.

If you compare this shot to last years, well it be sadly lacking in colour.
Then we had one cold night and the next day it was like autumn arrived in all her finery. If this could only last into mid-November I'd be a very happy sort I would.

The wife took this shot, it looks like a painting. The bog down the road.
Beautiful morning with the sun streaming between the trees.

The copse of trees between the fields.
Our road, not as pretty as last year.
Getting there.
Then just yesterday autumn's queen arrived in the shape of a beautiful red maple with the compliment of a blue sky that made the season perfect.

Nirvana! Finally.
This be all fine and good, but the amount of pine cones and the largeness of the acorns, give me pause that we are going to be hit with one hell of a winter.

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  1. Oh so sad! Is it mean if I hope you get bonked by a very large acorn? We had winter storm BEFORE we had autumn.

  2. Oh sad back LMAO a snow storm in July is normal for you LOL.

  3. I have never seen a pine needle shower before, cool. Your wife's picture is this side of wow (and I'd like a copy I will pay her for it), and the red maple is quite something.

  4. There were tree's in the pictures? I was too busy seething because of your weather!

    1. Where were there not trees? I live in a forest LOL

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