15 September, 2015

A series of unfortunate events - Part 1

15 September 2015

R. Linda:

The stars must be misaligned in me life or something strange be going on. It seems that things happen that are questionable to downright bizarre.

It all started when we had two days of rain. The first one was heavy downpour which meant there was no outside activities for me three kiddos. The one celebrated a birthday recently and was given a drone-like toy that had remote control. I thought it was a gift that should have gone to me eldest as it seemed rather advanced for me middle one, BUT he was thrilled to have something his older brother wanted. I had been pestered all day about flying the thing, and was shown the box by the older kiddo which said the toy could be flown (yes FLOWN) inside. I was reluctant but being hounded by the two older ones I gave in.

The mini-drone is made of lightweight metal, has small led lights which make it colourful and easy to see. So caving in I read the directions (which did make me think operating the thing would be tricky at best). Being the adult or as me wife says, the big kid in the house, I put it on the kitchen counter, got out the remote, installed proper batteries and was all set to fly. Up it went, lights blinking and then zoom around the living room (good we have open concept). The kiddos were all enjoying it swoop when I learned lesson number one. Put the dogs out first before flying anything because they came in hearing the funny buzzing noise, saw the thing up in the air and started barking and chasing after it, jaws snapping. It was sort of funny watching Dragon's dog (yes, the hound is still with us because she didn't want to fly back with in (probably thought it would fall off her broom, and be a perfect excuse for her to come back here) jumping up in the air all 70 lbs. of him trying to grab the thing like it was a Frisbee. He looked a twisted pretzel each time he came down to earth. This of course, had me nervous and I was trying me best to keep the thing from the jaws of certain destruction, and not having flown it before, well it was dicey to say the least. Not only were the dogs after it, the two cats were in on the fray, swiping at the dogs as they went and leaping up at the flying ship like it was a bird to be devoured. I tell ya chaos reigned!

I was so inundated with the unwanted activity, and the noise, that I lost control of the thing and it plummeted to the couch (luckily behind it) where I was the only one (with long arms) who could fish it out. That was that. I told the kiddos next nice day we'd take it outside. I won't tell you what the wife had to say to me about it, your ears would ring.

Next day (Sunday) it was drizzly so no flying the little drone. Disappointed kiddos all around and probably dogs too. Anyway after lunch I went to sit down and read A Light In The Forest by me partly opened window. Me oldest kiddo was reading it in school and I usually read his books to be on top of his homework. The book is about Native Americans and as I was sitting there engrossed in the story, I hear the sound of drums, the jingle of small bells, a flute and chanting. I woke from me reverie thinking how bizarre was that to get that into a book, BUT I could still hear the sound! It was like what you hear when Native Americans dance around the campfire and the persistent beat of the drums and the singing didn't stop with me putting the book down.

I told the wife and she came over and heard it too. At first she told me I was crazy and hearing things, then she started laughing. Nice one, give me the gaslight treatment. I was happy to know I wasn't losing what little was left of me mind.

"Oh," says she, "that's the pow wow going on in back of us. There were signs for it. The people who own the sugar shack put it on every year. I took the boys to it one year."

O K then. Gabe is quite sane and not losing his marbles anytime soon. Good news for me. I will say the rest of the book went flying by as I was serenaded the entire afternoon with the sounds of the pow wow. Made the story very realistic. We got the boys to come listen, the middle one didn't care, the youngest had no clue, but the eldest said he'd been to the pow wow and it was a bunch of white guys making like they had native blood. No biggy. Well, O K then so much for the magic I was feeling.

Monday, when I came home from work I was pestered to near death about flying the drone.

"Oh please Da, can we fly it? Come on Da, pull-eseee!"

Oi! So it was twilight and Tonya told me we had 45 minutes before dinner, so out we went drone and controls in hand.

O'Hare had read the directions and told me he didn't need me to help him and off the thing flew and I was amazed how high it went. I thought for sure we'd lose it in the clouds. I was also glad we don't live in an air plane path! I told him to bring it down and he eased it but then it starting coming down at him. Gees! He ran off and it smashed to the ground, but remarkably it was not broken. He told me it was hard to bring down. So I took the controls and got the thing back in the air, and as I was raising it I was making sure it wasn't going too high, it was twilight and getting hard to see. But the flashing lights kept it in view when suddenly out of no where Count Dracula comes flying in, in his bat suit and swooped at the drone. I was like what the hell? The drone was slightly bigger than the bat, so this behaviour I thought rather strange. But the bat continued to follow the drone and swoop down at it, hitting it twice. This of course had Guido in a panic his drone would be smashed by the bat. I raised the drone higher into the top of the king pines thinking the bat wouldn't follow it, but it did! This unnerved me and as I went to bring the drone down, but in me excited state I pressed the wrong switch and the thing went up into the pine tree tops. Where it landed we have no idea, but we think it still be up there.

The bat I don't know where that went to, maybe it got the drone but really? So for the last week the kiddos are doing their own dance around the fire pit hoping for a windy day that the drone will be knocked from the king pines to the ground where hopefully, the drone will be still fit to evade Count Dracula, dogs, cats and little kids on another day.

That was the start of the strangeness. Maybe not so strange for me, but it continued.

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  1. yea finally a story! i will guess the drone was a gift from your mother-in-law ha ha ha!

  2. I want a drone! Sounds like fun. It is about time you got a story up, writer's block?

  3. Drones are fun! My son has one and occasionally uses for filming; the shots are quite amazing from that height. Hope you get yours back Gabe. My neighbor had one which ended up at the top of my tree and it did fall out eventually! Good luck!

  4. I thought you retired Mate LMAO sorry you couldn't make the "playdate" lots of fish and rum and when boiling fish in rum a culinary delight I think, hell I don't remember. My parrot could find your drone, say the word if you need him. Or is he a dead monkey? Like I say too much rum flavored fishies matey.

    1. I did not retire. Gees. Playdate? That's a good word. I be sorry I missed it but I be sure you and Himself had a good time pushing each other into the drink. Literally I mean that.