02 January, 2010

So who names a baby THAT?

3 December 2005

R. Linda:

The wee Airport has an Irish name so Laguarda be not it. I'll let you guess. Regan? Maybe? Logan? Could be. O'Hare, that's the one! O'Hare O'Sullivan, doesn't get any better than THAT. Tonya was joking about using it and everyone was thinking we named him after the airport. She'd refer to her ever growing belly as O'Hare International, so it comes with no surprise really we decided to keep the name. That belly was a busy place, just like the airport of the same name. Lots of movement. Be kind of strange calling him by something else when for nine months we've referred to him as O'Hare.

Me mam means well, she does. I know she be so proud, this be her first and only grandchild, me sister be too busy with the Dolan person doing God knows what to produce offspring. Now she's got no choice. I know me mam will be on her and the Dolan person as soon as she sets foot on the emerald isle. Revenge be sweet it be. Me da is a little more restrained and quiet, he never gets into the ladies chats as he calls them. We smoked cigars today (him and I), and talked about hunting and such. Meanwhile, me mam was up on the second floor of hospital telling nurse how to bathe babies properly. Sigh.

I be very glad I missed that. Me wife said nurse became Nurse Rachet almost instantly and she and me mam got into a wee bit of it. At least me wife sort of stayed out of the tiff because it could have gone something like this:

Tonya: You tell her mammy O, you go girl.
Mam: Aye, and when I say ye don't place baybee on a cold surface I mean YOU DON'T PLACE BAYBEE ON A COLD SURFACE. Do ye understand me sister?
Nurse Rachet: Look Mrs. O'Sullivan, I know my job. You don't have to instruct me on it.
Mam: Oh now do ye hear that do ye? She knows her job she says she does and I have been a muthah of two for over tertee years and I don't know how to take care of a wee babe? Well, Jayus and begorrah me what is become of the world?
Tonya: You go mammy O!
Nurse Rachet: (Thinking to herself) I'd like you to put you on a cold surface and shut you up, preferably down in the morgue mammy whatever your name is. (Instead she said) We have hospital rules here, we follow those not old wives ways.
Mam: Now I tink I've heard it all, a fine sister of mercy ye be. Humph!

And it would go on, me wife egging on me mam, and me man getting more and more Irish.

So it is back to hospital I go. I have been out to shop for last minute baby things we need. Ton and O'Hare come home tomorrow and so now that I have the last minute stuff done (which I be sure there be more last minute stuff tomorrow), I be back off to hospital. I get to spend the night there which be nice. Last night baby boy O'Sullivan, Mr. O'Hare to be exact, got to sleep more than his da did. Both he and his mam snoring away as I rushed around buying the last minute items. Tomorrow is to bring 3 to 4 inches of snow that should be a good time getting home in. We be 45 minutes from hospital all uphill into the foothills.


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