22 August, 2017

Total Eclipse of Meself

22 August 2017

R. Linda:

Happy Birthday! Even though we celebrated it Sunday, and again yesterday I should wish you a happy one on your official "name day." Ha ha, only Game of Thrones fans will get that and I know you won't OR maybe by now you do know what that means after telling me you haven't been watching the show, and me putting you in front of the telly with every episode from season 1 to current. I know you complained on day 3 about fuzzy vision and nightmares about a blond kiddo with a crown that looked suspiciously like Weasil making dreamland a horror show like he does waking life, but four more days and you should be caught up and well Weasil is gone!

So Sunday's celebration went without a hitch even if you didn't know who most of your guests were. I thought the spraying of the silly string was rather excessive, but you and me Mam seemed to be having a good time so I didn't stop either of you though I wanted to. I am still cleaning that stuff up, every time I go outside I seem to track it in. I also thought you were too old for a cake smash but that wasn't me idea and why you persisted in throwing pieces of smashed cake at Sean's head I have no idea, and he never found out who it was that had done it. He'll have greasy hair for the next six months, that was a lot of icing to try to wash out. I also thought the sparklers you joked about in place of candles were dangerous especially when me Mam decorated that half sheet cake with over a hundred sparklers. I thought I'd burn me face off trying to carry that thing to your high chair. Speaking of high chair, I be so glad we kept that since our kiddos have graduated to chairs. You looked very comfy in it. Oh and I especially didn't appreciate the slip and slide when every time it was me turn you'd come flying out of nowhere and knock me off me feet to slide down that hill in all that soapy stuff, me arms and legs in the air (what a sight I must have been), where I came to a smashing halt with a BOOM as I knocked into that giant rock at the end of it. Whose idea it was to use a boulder as a stop I have notta clue though I am suspicious. Not cool, and unlike you and everyone else I found nothing funny about that.

Yesterday's celebration of day 2 of birthday combined with solar eclipse, now that was tame compared to Sunday's fiasco of good times, uh huh. I will thank you for having talked Weasil into taking Sean out west to see the eclipse leaving us free of at least two morons. Though I be not happy with the Weasil and Sean for the way they razzed us that they had a better view. I worked hard (as you know to get shots of the "partial" eclipse we had, just to have me pride wiped away by Weasil's shot with that Nikon D-SLR attachment to his Orion telescope of the "total" eclipse! What a show off.

You all made such fun of me going outside and sitting in that lawn chair with me back to the sun taking selfie shots with me Smart Phone. But it paid off it did.

Me Smart Phone captured the image of the eclipse on it's lens. The small white speck at the top  be  the image captured
Progression of eclipse
Ending of eclipse
This was all fine and good and I was quite happy with meself that me patience paid off and I could prove you all wrong that it was possible to take eclipse pictures (even if they were partial) with a Smart Phone without burning your eyeballs out. That is I was very self-satisfied and smug UNTIL Weasil and Sean sent these that they took from some corn field in Nebraska!

Sean using telescope
Weasil's Nikon & Telescope photo - the pratt!
I at least licked me wounds (and the plate) with the Banoffee Pie me Mam made for your second birthday celebration. I ate the rest of it so there be none left in case you are looking for it. I have though, been thoughtful enough to take a picture of the last slice before I ate it on you so you can see what you missed out on not being quick enough.

Comfort food for Gabe, um, um, good!
Having recovered from the antics of a weekend not well spent, covered in black and blues from a slip and slide, multiple burns to me face, fingers and hands from sparklers, and damaged pride from two idiots, who I hope stay in Nebraska for another week, I have decided to splurge on an iron gate for me driveway to keep the two Nebraska sight-seers off me property. I don't see how that huge camper cannot damage it's front end when it hits that iron. Because as you know, the two morons will come back in the middle of the night, and the iron gate is black and with no street lights, they won't see it. Yes, I get comfort in that imagery. Yes, I do.

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  1. sounds like someone needs a vacation, lol. ooh banana toffee pie!

  2. It HAS been a vacation! For me! Fun, good food and activities all day every day! A diet is in my future. And probably bigger clothes, that pie or cake, greedy man, will be the one thing that will make my weight gain enough to break the high chair!

    1. It will be sad to see you go tonight. The house won't be the same but it has (as always) been a blast.

  3. Those are some fine shots. Did you get your gate up? Ms. Muse a belated many happy returns of the day and to be treated to banoffee pie, yum!