05 August, 2017

The Weasil Goes A-Flash Dancing

05 August 2017

R. Linda:

I wasn't there but I heard all about it! Seems our Weasil was in Ireland recently and while waiting for a flight to London, he was cooling his heels at Shannon Airport he was. Having some time, Weasil went shopping and not needing an Aran sweater or cap, or scarf, or even a trinket souvenir, he was totally bored out of his Weasil mind until . . . yes R. Linda, UNTIL he spied a footy shop and in he went!

And out he came sporting this:

Or, something similar though I think this be the one
Having a new found need to purchase expensive footy jerseys it seems the Kappa Remilo Team Club Wear be the Weasil's new passion. He is looking to get every Kappa jersey he can get his hands on. So walking around sporting his new look, he was not paying attention to a lot of other yellow jerseys, of similar look. Yes indeed, he was busy taking selfies on his mobile phone and flicking off photos of the new kit to his wife, kiddos, friends, anyone who would take a peek.

As he wandered thus in the middle of Shannon, he stopped in one area to take yet one more self indulgent selfie, quite oblivious that suddenly he was surrounded with yellow shirted people. With another unexpected suddenness Irish music began playing out of the loud speaker and the yellow shirted people around him started step dancing. The Weasil woke up quickly to the thunder of the heels to floor and the whoops and hoots and as one young thing and then another reeled around him he figured he better step his way out, but wait! There was no way out, he was in the middle of this musical chaos and so he did what any discriminating Weasil would do, he joined in!

Here is the muddled masses in yellow shirts for your perusal:

Photo Courtesy the above
Now you can see how the Weasil got mixed into this crowd? I tell ya, the young laddie be ever into the mix, whether consciously or in most cases, like this one, unconsciously. If you look closely he's in there somewhere. Well, from what I was told he danced his heart out knowing a few steps, but one must remember the Weasil be no Irishman, but a Scotsman. So what the Irish kiddos were dancing and what the Scottish Weasil was dancing, were two very different steps they were, but close enough I suppose for Weasil to get by.

He said at the end of this fiasco of sudden dance mania (for it was as you guessed a flash dance), the Weasil was mistaken for the lead dancer or even worse dance captain. Yes because his shirt was slightly different he was soon the main focus of everyones attention. Of course, it didn't help that as soon as the dance was over, the yellow shirted Irish dance kiddos dispersed leaving the Weasil standing quite alone in the middle of the floor.

At which point a few people came up to tell him, "Well done!" and of course Weasil accepted it as being his performance never mind the dance troop!

Oh poor Weasil you say, I couldn't agree more, but I do snicker at the whole episode. I don't know if any of this be true or not, as it is second and third hand joke information passed on from one reliable source and one . . . not so much.

I did try to get in touch with the Weasil for comment, but he was "unavailable" as his flight to London was in the air. I can't think of anything more humorous than a dancing Weasil, especially when the dancing be a surprise to his rather keen self. In this case not so keen was our Weasil. At least it wasn't me this time, as this sort of thing usually happens to me not the Weas.

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  1. i heard about this too and i believe it because it is exactly a weasil thing to do. i read the toothbrush story from a while ago, still funny!

    1. Well, as long as he wasn't flashing anyone I guess dancing like a fool be ok.

  2. I have to meet this Weasil he sounds like a laugh a minute.

  3. LMAO Sounds like a weasil thing to do. Surprised he didn't take a bow and yell THANK YOU THANK YOU!