14 March, 2017

A few infamous people and not so famous watchers want to know

14 March 2017

R. Linda:

Ivanka Trump is wondering why her clothing and shoe line isn't selling. Fionnula said the reason is: "We have got to know you and we don't like you."

She looks like she's packed up her high heels and is outta here!
Nigel Farage is spending a lot of time in the U.S.A and seems to be doing what he can to help President Trump's agenda along. Weasil said this: "Iz dat a comedy act or wot? Cue da Benny Hill music, two clowns on international stage! An' look at the size of Nigel's hands compared to Trump, makes ya wondah if Nigel's the one in charge."

Nigel's got puppet hands
President Trump is still spray tanning and Tomas asked: "Has he always been that shade of orange? I have a ginger cat the same colour, makes me wonder if Trump eats the same cat food."

Nick Viall of Bachelor fame just proposed to a mean woman according to many viewers. Me Mam had this to say: "He be an ejjit, he had a perfectly good woman dere and he picks da whinny one who once she got the ring is da boss of him."

Photo Courtesy ABC - The happy couple?
Sean Spicer the gum chewing chew you out WH press secretary has not gone unnoticed by Wolfie who said, "I was glad to see they took his gum away and lowered the podium, though I still get confused if Melissa McCarthy isn't the real Sean Spicer."

Which is Spicer and which is McCarthy?
Kellyanne Conway at seeing a camera runs in front of it no matter why the camera is there. This prompted Maggie to remark, "I want to know why she looks like she's been on a bender and is still wearing yesterday's make-up."

Anyone got a comb? Or is that a wig?
And lastly, we come to our very own Muse, R. Linda who wants to know why Gabe isn't churning out stories one after the other. Doesn't matter she's near blind and can't see them to read them, and doesn't take Gabe's sense of humour when he tells here there is a new story on the blog and when she can't find it he tells her that's because she's blind and can't see it, well excuse day has come for Gabe and well, he can't churn them out because he's blind too. See below:

Dark shades are proof positive Gabe be a blind guy.
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  1. ROFLMAO talk about too funny! Once a smarass always a smartass? And who's the guy with the shades? You NEVER use your own picture! I'm waiting for pictures of snow!

    1. So either I look old and unrecognizable OR and MOST LIKELY you are still blind and can't see. Gees Louise!

    2. STILL blind! And if that's you, still in your Peter Pan stage!

    3. That is from some years ago I will admit. You were here on vacation and that was me years ago -- how soon the blind forget!

    4. LMAO that's senility kicking in! You whippersnapper

  2. Sorry Cappy I didn't get my question about Depp in. I would like to say though Mr. Depp has ruined my reputation. I will say having seen you recently I know that's you and yeah you need to update the photo mate. LMAO And one thing more, can you not put in pictures of that witch Kellyanne, she reminds me of Barbarosa on crack. Thanks much!

  3. LOL Tomas! Gabe the photo of Nigel and Trump, look like too baboons at a comedy club. Ivanka looks like she's saying "bite me" and my skin started crawling when I saw Conway. How to give a fella nightmares. I understand you have snow and lots of it, what happened to spring in New England?

  4. Fionnula, how true on Ivanka! When she wasn't knowable you had no idea. Would you look at the size of Farage's hand, WOWEY! I hadn't noticed that before.